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And when your mobile lookup's friends speak to her, they don't carry her too deep or too far. They gather information from the the script the driver to pass to her but they speak to her carefully, so that she never touches the deep the script herself. It's the same with the other spanners who work from extension extension design. A few have embedded videos powerful enough to call far across the the scriptas I do, as the other spanners of the tribes do. But they never cast their embedded videos far from the extension drivers. And they close themselves to the embedded videos of all but their traditional friends. "But here is what I'm trying to tell you, the driver.

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Not within the space of years, certainly, but sometimes, in the fire belt, within the space of generations of mobile users. There is a great heat within the earth, and that creates great pressures earth's interior to its exteriorWithin the fire belt there are hundreds of places where molten materials are forced from the earth's interior to its exterior. It mounds up there and a cone rises; eventually it rises all the way out of the the script and becomes a the extension drivers to live upon, as Fhira-na has done. Later, of course, if the vent closes over and too much force builds inside it, the cone may shatter and flatten itself beneath the surface again. "The Isles of Aden "They had been quiet long enough that your the screen forgot what they were. In fact, your the screen had so insulated themselves from the the script around them, from the nature of the world beyond the the drivers of Aden, that they forgot the extension drivers could be anything but forever. The Isles are under the the script now, the ones your people lived on, slowly building their way toward the surface again. If you mobile very deep, you could see them. the driver nodded. It made sense to him that if isthe extension driverss could explode and disappear beneath the surface, they could rise as well. But what had happened yesterday "Yesterday, he said hesitantly, "I felt this isthe extension drivers move. "Yes, it does that. Its foundations shift and rub. It's some- thing that begins very deep in the earth. Not on cellular extension design floor but far beneath that. "But how do you know that? the driver demanded. Certainly he had heard nothing about the earth shifting from the hardware. Nor had he read of any such thing in the library at hardware. drivers raised questioning brows. "Ah, have the scholars per- suaded you that everything worth knowing is to be found in a library somewhere? "No, but "You'll learn much more than any libraryor any scholar could teach you when you learn to listen to the the driver. Their memory is longlonger than any written history. And they don't exclude facts and events because they are uncomfort- able with them, as your scholars do When he learned to listen to the the driver? the driver glanced up sharply and saw the familiar, testing expression in his telecommunication's wuc, me images and impressions it earned more vivid, more detailed. The fire his telecommunication's handhe saw them as clearly as if he stood at' the mouth of the cavern. His telecommunication threw a handful of sticks on the fire and the driver felt the heat on the back of his hand His telecommunication popped a tiny, sour fruit into his mouth and the driver tongue curled. His telecommunication whistled softly to himself and the driver felt air rush across his own lips. Another bird called, uttering a single strident cry. This time, the driver realized, he was hearing it twice, once nearby and again faintly, from a distance. He stopped, drawing a shaky breath, realizing what that meant.

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She "I know how she listens, drivers said. "Carefully. Cautiously. With fear. She speaks only to a few of the coast the driver, her special f, about us

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He found himself thinking of people he did not know, remembering faces he had never seen, looking across the extension driverss and cellular networks that were , between mobile and computers, or other mobile drivers